The Dustbowl Revival

When will you be doing a full concert length show in Tennessee???
I told my sister in Prescott Valley AZ that she just had to get tickets to go see you guys . . . I am thrilled she decided to believe her little sister, and do something she knew nothing about! hahaha She and my Brother in law had a great time at the show and absolutely fell in love with Dustbowl!!! We lost our mom quite suddenly and unexpectedly last July and you don't know how much she needed to sit at your show and disappear in the music for a while. She did exactly that. Thank you, so much, for being "out there" and bringing great music to the masses. God Bless each of you. Hope to see y'all in Tennessee, soon. PS......Z, you are not the Governor . . . we know him . . . and you are so much cuter!!!!! lol

The Dustbowl Revival responded on 01/18/2016

Hi - sorry to hear abou your mom. So glad it can bring some joy - that's what it's all about.

We are on for doing Music City Roots and the 5 spot in Nashville - April 13!

Hope to see you guys and the governor there ;)


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