The Dustbowl Revival

Why was the sound during your Prescott AZ show so poor -- so badly balanced and so loud that clarity was nonexistent. Your material is great, you are fantastic individual musicians, and fantastic as a group.....yet such a disappointment live due to your sound system. I could barely make out half of the words that were sung. The drums and bass were way to loud relative to the other instruments. The volume overall was so loud it exceeded the ability of the hall to absorb it, leaving no space between notes, and no clarity in the parts. So disappointing. I should have stayed home and ordered a CD instead. Was this the sound man's fault? Or do you as a band insist on over-amplification?

The Dustbowl Revival responded on 01/29/2016

Hi there,

We appreciate your concern. Unfortunately sound guys often don't have a clue what discerning audiences want. We have no control over what audiences hear balance wise and volume - just what we get on stage. I would reach out to the folks who put on the show in Prescott.

Hope you enjoy our recordings!


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